A Poem About Ouroboric Tendency

Procreant precedence of ouroboric tendency / What be the subtle natures of reality / Propagation and rearranged / Consistency / In conversion or transition or transformation / Unchanged structures with assiduity / Continually without ambiguity / Observable but oft / Not transcribable or describable / Yet unequivocal aloft mythical fictional thought / This nature is reciprocal

A Drowning Rain

Rain is gravity and water facilitating connection, intimacy. Falling over everyone, everything, conductive and collective, water both spreads and gathers. The world is bound from sky to ground— the common denominator washing over all surfaces and substances in a union through contact. Should an energy source be involved then electricity would make one entire body … Continue reading A Drowning Rain

Finding Spirituality Through Our Values

Spirituality, the sibling of religion with its own individuality, is unique in its theosophical family. We may base religion on our morals through structure and doctrine whereas spirituality exists within us and is personalized to our own signature. Religious views may align with our values but spirituality is built from our values.  Consider institutes and … Continue reading Finding Spirituality Through Our Values